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Battery Man is bringing their extensive knowledge of over 30 years in the battery business to Cape Town. Having operated all over KwaZulu Natal, Capetonians now have access to our wide range of batteries and more especially car batteries. Our car batteries in Cape Town are of the top most quality and come from a proudly South African company. First National Battery is the go to company that major automobile manufacturers like Toyota and Mercedes go to for car batteries for their vehicles that are assembled in the country. The extensive chemical and analysis testing ensures that the car batteries sent out are always of superior quality.

Buying Car Batteries in Cape Town

Car Batteries Cape TownYou know you can't do wrong when it comes to car batteries because they are supposed to stick with your car for a while and you do not want to buy one that will not be completely compatible with your car or a cheap car battery that ends up being expensive later. Don’t skimp now only to have to fork out more money later on when inferior car batteries inevitably start to let you down. To buy car batteries in Cape Town you can rely on several trust-worthy brands in the city that offer car batteries in Cape Town with certification, warranty policies and of course, competitive prices that are up to you to decide which one is the winner.

Battery Buzz stocks a full range of quality Car Batteries in Cape Town, at possibly the best prices. All car batteries in Cape Town are fully guaranteed.
  • State of the art technology car batteries in Cape Town
  • Minimal water loss low self-discharge
  • Low internal resistance
  • Flame protection
  • Extended guarantees available
  • Free testing and fitting of car batteries in Cape Town 

About Car Batteries

A cars battery is the start point to being able to drive the vehicle. Power stored in the car battery is sent to start up the vehicle to get it going. Car batteries also power up other devices within the car from radios to navigation systems. Car batteries are rechargeable so that they have a constant supply of power. You do not have to charge it yourself like other rechargeable batteries. Car batteries work hand in hand with what is called an alternator. The alternators job is to produce the energy which will be transferred and stored in the car battery. The alternator only works when the vehicle is in motion. If a vehicle is unused for a period of time, then the car battery will not get charged. In addition, it will begin to discharge and become damaged. New car batteries in Cape Town from Battery Buzz will give around 5 years of quality service. Your car batteries should be maintained though. The following can be done to ensure this

  • Car batteries are susceptible to corrosion. To prevent this, a mixture of baking soda and water can be used to clean out any rust that may be forming on it. This should ideally be as far as a nonprofessional should go when it comes to cleaning their car batteries in Cape Town.
  • Vibrate- vibrations can cause damage to a car battery so best to avoid long periods of travel on gravel roads.
  • Heat- car batteries can become overheated, so when a vehicle is being used for an extended period of time, say a cross country road trip, take plenty of breaks in a shaded area to allow it to cool down a bit before setting of again.

A worn out car battery will give signs that it is on its way out and it is near time for a replacement. The following should be watched out for

  • Dimness- for your older car batteries in Cape Town, begin to watch the brightness level of your headlights on the vehicle. When it starts to become noticeably dimmer, then it is time to think about contacting Battery Man to get the battery replaced. We will offer a free test of a customer’s current car battery in Cape Town and if the only solution is a new battery, then it will be fitted free of charge as well.
  • If there is a long pause with the car starting up upon turning on the ignition, this is also a cause for concern that the battery power is diminishing.
  • Many models of cars come with a built in signal on the dashboard which will alert drivers to a fault in the car battery. Keep a regular eye out for this and take early action. You do not want to be stuck in a situation where you vehicle will not start and then wait around for help.

You are able to check on your car battery yourself but care must be taken to ensure your safety. Car batteries are not the safest of items and have been known to explode when not handled properly. If you would absolutely want to do an inspection of your car battery yourself, then make sure to read the user manual for detailed instructions. Second of all, wear safety gloves and goggles as a safety measure.

Thirdly, keep all open flames and even the slightest of sparks away from the battery. Battery Buzz car batteries do come with flame protection, but for other battery types, do ensure to take caution. It is dangerous work and often times it is just worth it to have someone with a trained eye to do it for you. This is where Battery Buzz comes in. Our testing of car batteries in Cape Town are done free of charge to our customers. In addition to the car battery itself, we also tend to the alternator to ensure that the charging rates are on point. Battery Buzz also provides an environmentally friendly service for used car batteries in Cape Town. These cannot be disposed of any which way. Careful care needs to be taken to ensure that the car battery will not be leaking acids into the environment, causing pollution. Our service allows for this to be done properly causing no harm.

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