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Please note that our alternative telephone number for Pietermaritzburg 033 345 7290 is no longer in use. Please call us on 033 345 7288.

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Car Batteries Durban Car Batteries Durban Car Batteries Durban

Durban is the largest city in KwaZulu Natal and one of the major tourism destinations in South Africa. The warm subtropical climate of the area makes the beaches accessible almost all through the year, pulling in visitors from around the country for a seaside getaway. Durban is approximately an hour away from Pietermaritzburg, the business base of Battery Man.

About Battery Man

Based in Pietermaritzburg, Battery Man are specialists in almost all types of batteries. We have been in the battery industry for over 30 years now and have gained a reputable standing for providing only the best car batteries in Durban. Although an hour away, if clients require car batteries in Durban we do provide a delivery service. The delivery service for car batteries in Durban is done free of charge as long as the perimeter of the request is in KwaZulu Natal. Car batteries will be brought directly to your door upon confirmation of the order and will be fitted into the vehicle. Of course, the old car battery will have to be removed. The delivery service also allows for the pickup of used car batteries in Durban to be disposed of safely by Battery Man as car batteries are classified as hazardous items. If they are not disposed of in the proper manner then acid begins to leak out of them which will cause pollution. Rather than risk this at a waste disposal spot or even keeping it at your home, make use of the Battery Man service to ensure safe disposal. Battery Man will not just collect used car batteries in Durban only if a new one is purchased, but requests can be made to have them picked up as a solo act. This would have to be arranged to coincide with our drivers route but is still done free of charge. Other than supplying car batteries in Durban we also have services that we provide onsite which include:
  • Check-ups of car batteries in Durban to declare them in roadworthy condition- car batteries will give years of service before they will need to be replaced. They should be inspected by a professional though to ensure that this time period can be taken to the maximum.
  • Check-ups of the alternators charging rates- an important aspect of the check-up is the detailed inspection of the charging rates of the vehicles alternator. These are required to be in optimal condition so that the car battery maintains a steady charging rate.
  • If our delivery staff do find problems with the car battery then they can do a full replacement.

Car batteries in Durban bought by us come with guarantees of 12, 18, 24 or 36 month terms. Customers requiring car batteries in Durban can purchase them for use in

  • Passenger vehicles 
  • Trucks
  • Tractors
  • Boats

Our delivery service is especially beneficial to the bigger vehicle types whose owners can conveniently get their batteries delivered and installed right on their premises. This does away with the need to have to tug the vehicle all the way down to a battery fitment centre.

About Battery Man’s Car Batteries

All of the car batteries in Durban sold by Battery Man are sourced from First National Battery. First National Battery is a local company and one of the leading battery specialists in the country. Their car batteries are made locally so Battery Man customers are assured of South African quality and no cheap imports. Their car batteries go through both chemical and performance testing to further ensure that they provide the best. Their high level of standards are why many of the leading car brands get their car batteries from them when their vehicles are manufactured in South Africa.

Taking care of Car Batteries

First of all customers buying car batteries in Durban need to know that car batteries do age and this generally happens around 5 years. Although it is a good idea to start doing yearly check-ups around the 3 year mark. Car batteries can explode and can cause some major damage to a person, so if making an attempt to do a check-up yourself then safety precautions should be taken such as
  • Not having any open flames around when working with the battery
  • Wearing safety goggles
  • Taking careful note to read the warning labels properly

Alternatively car batteries in Durban can be taken to specialists such as Battery Man (or have us come to you) where a full and expert check-up can be done. Customers will be able to rest easier knowing that their car battery has been checked out by a professional.

About Car Batteries

Car batteries are the component which gives a vehicle that initial burst of energy to start the car. They also power up items like the radio and other entertainment systems. If you are in Durban and your car battery become faulty this could leave you stranded, and waiting a while for help which can be a dangerous situation. Faulty car batteries should be checked before it gives out completely. There should be at least a little bit of energy available to start the car and get it to a safe spot

  • Car batteries are charged by the vehicles alternator which is only operational when the car is used. This energy is stored in the car battery waiting to be used up. If a vehicle remains unused for a long period of time then the battery will discharge. To avoid this vehicles should be routinely driven.
  • Car batteries in Durban can succumb to corrosion and to counter this a mixture of water and baking soda can be used to clean the battery. This simple procedure can be done around once a year. Car batteries will go through wear and tear. An example would be constant driving on gravel roads causing vibration. Car batteries can become overheated and so a vehicle should be cooled off every once in a while especially on long trip in a shaded area.
  • If a cars headlights are becoming dimmer or loses its power quickly in colder weather then the battery may need replacing.