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Motorcycle Batteries
The Silver Calcium Battery
The Silver Calcium Battery

Summary About The Silver Calcium Battery

Higher corrosion resistance/better high temperature performance

Additional Product Information


  • State of art technology
  • Sealed
  • Minimal water loss.Low self discharge
  • Considerably longer shelf life
  • 40% longer life
  • Resistance to overcharge
  • Low internal resistance
  • Higher charge rate acceptance
  • Calcium alloys
  • Silver alloys
  • Unique posts/terminals
  • Fixed ofifice forged pasting (positive plates)
  • Fully framed grids
  • Flame protection/flash arrestors.


  • OE confidence in modern technology - first manufacturer in South Africa to install this equipment
  • To meet customer demand/international trend
  • Under normal operating conditions, no topping up/no maintenance/fit and forget.
  • Better for parasitic loads
  • Less stock/eliminates need to rotate stock
  • Less expensive to operate
  • More reliable/longer life/fit and forget
  • Higher cold crank rating/suitable for diesel engines
  • Longer life/higher energy throughput
  • Drastically reduced water consumption
  • Higher corrosion resistance/better high temperature performance
  • Deeper and constant weld/improved post integrity
  • Improved quality/better cranking
  • Eliminates internal shorts / less likelihood of damage to separator (expanded metal plates can pierce separators)
  • Safety feature

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